About App
The "Smart Employee" App provides an easy, accurate and quick way to manage many various staff services such as applying for a leave, permissions, finding and contacting a colleague, and approving procedures. In general, to manage all personnel affairs from anywhere, and at anytime.

Currently, you can most easily:
  • Access a list of job opportunities from "Dubai Careers" if you seek a job.
  • Access a list of all government entities with contact details.
  • Access a list of HR laws applicable in Dubai Government.
  • Access a list of all events held in Dubai together with their locations and the possibility of participating in them.
  • Register your information enabling us to contact you soon.
  • Share your business card with others
For staff working for Dubai Government:
  • Profile
  • Certificates
  • Health Insurance
  • Leaves
  • Payroll
  • Attendance

  • Inbox
  • Certificates
  • Dashboard
  • My Team
  • Delegations
  • Smart Path

  • Directory
  • Government Entities
  • HR Laws
  • Office Locations
  • Dubai Careers

  • Dubai Calendar
  • Missions
  • Ask Smart Employee
  • Tasaheel
  • Thank You

General Feature
  • App is available in Arabic & English
  • Touch ID and Face ID
  • 3D Touch
  • Business Card QR Code

You can download the latest version of "Smart Employee" app on your smartphones now, and get instant access to the list of featured functional services once the application is installed.

What's New in Version 3.0

-Smart Attendance -Medical Insurance (Neuron) -Employee Calendar -Enhance Thanks Cards -Enhance Business Card QRC -Enhance Time Sheet -Enhance Profile -Bug Fixes -Design Enhancement


Version 3.0
Published Date: 04/05/2017
  • Approval Center: get notifications for your immediate action.
  • Approval Center: check more details with the notifications to help the manager to take an action.
  • Approval Center: add/update/disable delegation rule.
  • Approval Center: add/update/disable access rule.
  • Payroll: get information and salary related information including payslips and bank detail.
  • Profile: Check your profile completion
  • Profile: Check your team Information or search for an employee details.
  • Available in Arabic & English